Volkswagen Touareg: The Top Family Car

Volkswagen Touareg, Definition of a Perfect SUV

Volkswagen Touareg, a mid size SUV by Volkswagen from more than a decade, the car manufactured in Volkswagen's plant based in Bratislava, its place in North Africa. Considering this manufacturer decides to name it after Tuareg people, a member of Berber people of western & central Sahara.

Volkswagen Touareg, Internal and Exterior

Touareg is one of those vehicles that are designed to serve driver with great convenience, its features include four wheels driving system, and centre locking system along with cabin controlled low range functions. In addition, it includes feature of manual rides. The vehicles is designed thoughtfully, its features enable driver to control its functions while on off road such as sir suspension system to increase the height along with a manual interior switch to adjust rear part accordingly. Unlike others SUVs its ground clearance space can be called a well feature. The ground clear-space while loaded is 160 mm or 6.3 inch, off road or off load ground level clearance of 244 mm or 9.6 inch and even an added clearance of 300 mm or 11.8.

A Powerful Vehicle

The SUV, Volkswagen Touareg is strong and it has proved that in 2006 its V10 TDI version pulled a Boeing 747 airliner, which is considered a heavy airliner.

Second Generation Touareg

The second generation of Touareg, Typ 7P5 was debuted in Munich on February 10, 2010 and then it was participate in 2010 Beging international Auto Exhibition.

This world class vehicle includes features that deserve round of applause one of them is its automatic headlight technology. Volkswagen introduced a new technology with this vehicle that is glare-free high beam. With the assistance of this vehicle driver can see everything clear at dark, this technology adjust headlight's beam as well as direction automatically according to need. It adjust focus on illuminating object be it vehicle or dark place, it continues to focus until it clears the image.

Vehicle's design is innovative and provides impressive and necessary features. Some features mimic a James Bond car.

Photo Gallery of Volkswagen Touareg

Technical Characteristics of Volkswagen Touareg

Technical Characteristics of 2008 Volkswagen Touareg R50 produced by Volkswagen (DE).

Body Type Off-road vehicle 5 doors / 4 seats
Weight 2602 Kg
Length 4754 mm
Height 1778 mm
Wheelbase 2855 mm
Front Track n/a
Rear Track n/a
Ground Clearance n/a
Fuel Capacity 100 liters
Engine location front
Engine alignment longitudinal
Drive Wheels Four wheel drive
Steering n/a
Fuel Supply System common rail direct diesel injection
Max Power 349HP (257 kW) @ 3500 rpm
Max Torque 850Nm @ 2000 rpm
CO2 Emissions 333 g/Km
Engine Coolant water
Displacement 4921 cc
Bore 81 mm
Stroke 95 mm
Cam Design SOHC - Single Overhead Camshaft
Cylinders 10 IN V
Valves per cylinder 2
Total Valves 20
Compression Ratio 18.5:1
Aspiration Turbo D.
Front Brakes VeDi
Rear Brakes VeDi-S-ABS
Standard Wheels 9J x 21 / 9J x 21
Standard Tyres 295/35 R 21 Y / 295/35 R 21 Y
Suspension Front n/a
Suspension Rear n/a
Transmission automatic
Number of gears 6
Acceleration 0-100 Km/h 6.9 seconds
Acceleration 80-120 Km/h n/a
Top Speed n/a
City 17.7 l/100km
Road 9.6 l/100km
Mixt 12.6 l/100km