Skoda Superb Combi 2016: review car

Skoda Superb Combi inherited its design form the Vision C concept which was modernized for the serial production. Several changes in the construction took place. For instance, wheelbase became 80mm wider and so did the front and back wheel tracks which got 39 and 55 extra millimeters respectively. You can feel comfortable in long business or family trips as new Skoda Superb Combi has more interior volume, compared to the second generation model. Three adults will have enough space for their legs in the back. Moreover, it now has more room in the trunk: if you fold down back seats you will get 1950 litres of space against 1865 litres you had before. What is more, Skoda offers its customers the opportunity of installing optional electro driven Monroe shock-absorbers that allow a driver to vary the level of sprung softness form standard to comfort and sports.

Depending on his or her preferences, a customer may choose one of nine engine options. There are five variants of petrol engines: 1.4L one with 125hp or 150hp, 1.8L that has 180hp and 2.0L with 220hp or 280hp. For those who prefer diesel engines, there is a 1.6L model with 120hp and three 2.0L versions: 110hp, 150hp and 190hp. All the 2.0L engines have automatic transmission while the rest have manual one. There is also a choice between a front-wheel and a four-wheel drive.

The interior of the new Skoda Superb Combi is neat and elegant, without any experiments. Regardless of the fact that there is more room inside of the car now, door pockets and the glove box are not that big but all the necessary accessories fit there fine. The control panel is analog and suits this car perfectly. Nevertheless, a driver will have plenty of up-to-date technologies at his disposal. Special security systems use sensors located in different parts of the car to check the situation on the road and help to prevent accidents. It assists the driver in keeping the pathway and recognizes street signs for you not to violate speed limits. Rear-view and multifunctional cameras are aimed at making the process of parking and backing off easier. Different multimedia systems, including the MirrorLink, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will entertain you during long trips. Top trim level includes a 8-inch touchscreen with 3D navigation system, a hard drive disk, Wi-Fi, DVD-ROM, Canton audio system, a USB port and a 230V AC outlet in the back, so all your devices will remain charged.

Photo Gallery of Skoda Superb Combi 2016

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