Porsche 944: Guide To Buying

What Becomes The Reason For The Loss Of Porsche 944?

Porsche 944, a sports car from Porsche and the car includes dual models such as cabriolet as well as coupe. The car possesses rare features of natural exhaust engine form. It was introduced in 1982 and the final production of the car was done in 1991. However, according to pre-decided plans, it supposed to last until the end of 90s. But the planning for its next version become the reason for its termination, company was planning 944 'S3' during the formation Porsche feels that it would be better to introduce it with original name instead of making it next version of already existed car so they decided to name it Porsche 968 and hence, the journey of Porsche 944 reach to an end.

What Happened To Porsche Future Plans?

Porsche 924 that was basically inspired by the Porsche 944, the car was a tie up production between Porsche and Volkswagen. Porsche-VW has also developed Porsche 914 that was a big hit in Europe, matter of fact is that they have released the car with two versions such as Porche's version & Volkswagen’s version. Later on in 1972 as part of Porsche business strategy, they decide to re-manufacture Volkswagen 914 or EA-425 with a new name as part of their official arrangements between Audi-VW-Porsche, all three decides to group together to form a sport coupe. In 1974, during the procedure Volkswagen cancels the deals; reasons behind these thoughts considered the successful introduction of Volkswagen Sirocco, the success of this car made Volkswagen managers believe that they don't have to collaborate with Audi-Porsche as their Sirocco can replace the contemporary sports coupe. Hence, they don't have to launch another coupe.

Porsche 944 lost its existence because of Porsche manager's practical approach, which somewhere works in their favor.

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Technical Characteristics of Porsche 944

Technical Characteristics of 1991 Porsche 944 Turbo Cabriolet produced by Porsche (DE).

Body Type Drop-head coupe (cabriolet; convertible) 2 doors
Weight 1400 Kg
Length 4200 mm
Height 1275 mm
Wheelbase 2400 mm
Front Track 1457 mm
Rear Track 1451 mm
Ground Clearance n/a
Fuel Capacity 80 liters
Engine location front
Engine alignment longitudinal
Drive Wheels Rear wheel drive
Steering rack & pinion PAS
Fuel Supply System Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection
Max Power 250HP (184 kW) @ 6000 rpm
Max Torque 350Nm @ 4000 rpm
CO2 Emissions n/a
Engine Coolant water
Displacement 2479 cc
Bore 100 mm
Stroke 79 mm
Cam Design SOHC - Single Overhead Camshaft
Cylinders 4 INLINE
Valves per cylinder 2
Total Valves 8
Compression Ratio 8:1
Aspiration Turbo
Front Brakes VeDi
Rear Brakes VeDi-S-ABS
Standard Wheels 7J x 16 / 9J x 16
Standard Tyres 225/50 VR 16 / 245/45 VR 16
Suspension Front I.MS.ARB.
Suspension Rear I.STA.TB.ARB.
Transmission 5 speed manual
Number of gears 5
Acceleration 0-100 Km/h 5.9 seconds
Acceleration 80-120 Km/h n/a
Top Speed n/a
City n/a
Road n/a
Mixt n/a