Opel Kadett: A Single Family Car

How Opel Kadett Lost Its Existence?

Opel Kadett, one of the oldest cars by German Automobile owners Opel, the car makes its first appearance in 1936 by the company's official Heinrich Nordhoff, later on in 1937 it goes in its first production. The car witnesses two productions, from 1937 to 1940 and 1962 to 1991. After that, it has to face neglection from manufacturers since they are more fascinated with Astra and they even transformed its various versions in Astra.

A fact about Heinrich Nordhoff, after few years he quit Opel and joins Volkswagen and today he is considered a significant reason behind Volkwagen's reputation.

Gets Inspiration from A Few Contampories

Manufacturers have focus to design an affordable high performance car, considering that they took inspiration from Vauxhall 10, a 1937 innovative car by British Opel. They want to manufacture a chassis-less monocoque vehicle so they get inspiration from Opel Olympia. Their mission was to make a desirable car in reasonable price and for that they are ready to take inspiration from their contemporaries.

Opel Kadett, Replaced by Astra

Since Opel want to move on and set some standards so in 1992 manufacturers decide to replace Kadett with Astra. Astra is a part of Vauxhall that was contemporary of Kadett. Opel and Vauxhall made official arrangements and except South Africa Opel have changes name of all the kadett versions. In South Africa, Opel Kadett continue and when in 1999 all the versions were officially overtaken by Astra then even in South Africa Kadett was replaced.

Opel Achieved Success through Astra

Company decides to modify original 1992 Astra and created Astra F on the basis of Kadette E. Decision of replacing Kadett by Astra works in Company's favour. The Asscoaition of Opel and Astra continued until Astra J. Considering the continuation of Opel Astra association; experts have called it a logical combination.

Somewhere the name works for the Opel since the product they are selling was basically inspired by Kadett.

Photo Gallery of Opel Kadett

Technical Characteristics of Opel Kadett

Technical Characteristics of 1990 Opel Kadett 1.4i Saloon Kadett E produced by Opel (DE).

Body Type Saloon (sedan) 4 doors / 4 seats
Weight 885 Kg
Length 4238 mm
Height 1400 mm
Wheelbase 2520 mm
Front Track 1400 mm
Rear Track 1406 mm
Ground Clearance 135 mm
Fuel Capacity 52 liters
Engine location front
Engine alignment transverse
Drive Wheels Front wheel drive
Steering rack & pinion
Fuel Supply System Rochester TBI 700 single point fuel injection
Max Power 59HP (44 kW) @ 5600 rpm
Max Torque 103Nm @ 2600 rpm
CO2 Emissions n/a
Engine Coolant water
Displacement 1389 cc
Bore 77 mm
Stroke 73 mm
Cam Design SOHC - Single Overhead Camshaft
Cylinders 4 INLINE
Valves per cylinder 2
Total Valves 8
Compression Ratio 9.4:1
Aspiration Normal
Front Brakes Di
Rear Brakes Dr-S
Standard Wheels n/a
Standard Tyres 155 R 13 78T / 155 R 13 78T
Suspension Front I.MS.ARB.
Suspension Rear n/a
Transmission manual
Number of gears 4
Acceleration 0-100 Km/h 15 seconds
Acceleration 80-120 Km/h n/a
Top Speed n/a
City 15.6 l/100km
Road 9.1 l/100km
Mixt 11.5 l/100km