Chrysler Voyager: A Car Like No Other

Chrysler Voyager, which is also known as Grand Voyager, is a minivan with all kinds of amenities. It is sold exclusively outside US, primarily in Mexico and Europe.

Voyager was introduced for the first time in the year 1988 as the rebadged version of Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan sold in the US. It was momentarily sold in the US from 2001 to 2003 as short wheelbase Voyager. Like its Town & Country companion, 2013 Voyager gets optional power-adjustable pedals.

It is available in 3 trim levels, but the 2003 lineup comprises of 2 versions of LX: one with a 3.3-L V-6 engine and a 4-cylinder power-train. These vehicles are offered in short body form, with a 4-speed-auto transmission and FWD drive train.

The European version was released in the year 1988 and it was very much identical to the American version- Plymouth Voyager. The headlight and grille were two considerable visual differences. However, both the European and American versions got 2 different engines. Both the versions were available with foot operated emergency brake and manual transmission.

The present Grand Voyagers available in Europe are similar to that of 2008 Chrysler Town & Country models and they are available with long wheelbase.

The present generation models produced in Canada and Ontario are available with standard diesel engines. Diesel power-trains are based on the trendy DOCH common rail design.

Manufacturers have incorporated several other seating systems to their minivans to enhance the flexibility with respect to the interior. Voyagers sold from October 2011 are sold under the Lancia brand in order to strengthen Lancia- Chrysler Intergration. Chrysler brand continued to sell Voyager in United Kingdom, China, and Ireland.

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Technical Characteristics of Chrysler Voyager

Technical Characteristics of 1992 Chrysler Voyager 2.5 turbodiesel SE produced by Chrysler (US).

Body Type Multi-purpose vehicle 4 doors / 7 seats
Weight 1685 Kg
Length 4525 mm
Height 1673 mm
Wheelbase 2853 mm
Front Track 1522 mm
Rear Track 1578 mm
Ground Clearance n/a
Fuel Capacity 75 liters
Engine location front
Engine alignment transverse
Drive Wheels Front wheel drive
Steering rack & pinion PAS
Fuel Supply System Bo diesel pump
Max Power 121HP (89 kW) @ 4200 rpm
Max Torque 255Nm @ 2200 rpm
CO2 Emissions n/a
Engine Coolant water
Displacement 2500 cc
Bore 92 mm
Stroke 94 mm
Cam Design OHV - Overhead Valves
Cylinders 4 INLINE
Valves per cylinder 2
Total Valves 8
Compression Ratio 21.7:1
Aspiration Turbo D.
Front Brakes VeDi
Rear Brakes Dr-S
Standard Wheels n/a
Standard Tyres n/a
Suspension Front n/a
Suspension Rear n/a
Transmission manual
Number of gears 5
Acceleration 0-100 Km/h 12.3 seconds
Acceleration 80-120 Km/h n/a
Top Speed n/a
City 10.8 l/100km
Road 6.6 l/100km
Mixt 8.1 l/100km