Buick Regal: The Best Four-Dour Car For Buy

Buick Regal was introduced by the legendary carmaker GM in the year 1973. Though the production of Regal in North America ended in 2004, Buick started selling it back in 2011. The company launched it again in 2011as upscale sports sedan. Manufacturing and sales in Chinese market haddipped in 1999.

Few models sold between 1973 and 2004 were loosely based on Buick Century, majority of power-train and styles being the same. Most of the models were equipped with a 350 in? V8 and early 1970s editions had same standard features. Some of the optional features were added onlyto coupe editions and as far as power-train was concerned, 455 in? V8 was introduced for 1974 model year.

The 1975 Coupe version was powered by a standard 3.8-liter (231cu-in) V6 engine, which was initially offered on Skylark. The engine’s design specifications were purchased by Kaiser Motors, which was then used for the making of Jeep vehicles. Kaiser was later acquired by American Motors and Jeep became a part of AMC segment and was later bought by GM in 1974.

During mid-1970s, Regal and Century were the only medium-sized vehicles with V6 engines in America. Buick Century was later dropped from the line-up in 1975.

The new Regal offers one of the most exhilarating driving experiencesin the sports sedan segment, beating other rivals with its excellent and smooth ride quality by leaps and bounds.

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Technical Characteristics of Buick Regal

Technical Characteristics of 2010 Buick Regal GS produced by Buick (US).

Body Type Saloon (sedan) 4 doors / 5 seats
Weight 1683 Kg
Length 4831 mm
Height 1473 mm
Wheelbase 2738 mm
Front Track 1585 mm
Rear Track 1588 mm
Ground Clearance n/a
Fuel Capacity 70 liters
Engine location front
Engine alignment transverse
Drive Wheels Front wheel drive
Steering rack & pinion VPAS
Fuel Supply System direct petrol injection
Max Power 274HP (201 kW) @ 5300 rpm
Max Torque 400Nm @ 2500 rpm
CO2 Emissions n/a
Engine Coolant water
Displacement 1998 cc
Bore 86 mm
Stroke 86 mm
Cam Design DOHC - Double Overhead Camshaft (per bank)
Cylinders 4 INLINE
Valves per cylinder 4
Total Valves 16
Compression Ratio 9.2:1
Aspiration Turbo
Front Brakes VeDi
Rear Brakes VeDi-S-ABS
Standard Wheels n/a
Standard Tyres Goodyear Eagle RSA P245/40 R 19 / Goodyear Eagle RSA P245/40 R 19
Suspension Front n/a
Suspension Rear n/a
Transmission 6 speed manual
Number of gears 6
Acceleration 0-100 Km/h n/a
Acceleration 80-120 Km/h n/a
Top Speed n/a
City n/a
Road n/a
Mixt n/a