Reviews of popular Cars and Bikes

The Top Selling BMW Version
BMW Z8: The Top Selling BMW Version

BMW Z8 is a classic roadster that was produced in the year 1999 and later discontinued in the year 2003. The car was given the codename E52, and much like the Z1, it was short-lived.

Getting To Know More About The Quality
BMW M3: Getting To Know More About The Quality

The BMW M3 is a sky-scraping version of the BMW 3-Series. BMW M, which is the in-house motorsport division of BMW, develops this. The M3 models have been resultant of the E series.

The Luxury Compact Crossover
BMW X1: The Luxury Compact Crossover

This SUV is built by BMW and also manufactured by the same as well as BMW Brilliance. It is marketed all over the world in mostly two configurations (sDrive and xDrive configurations). It is performance associated and shares platform with earlier generations 3 series.

A Dream Car
BMW X3: A Dream Car

The German BMW automaker promoted BMW X3- crossover since 2003. This car supports on the BMW 3 base and is running in the second generation. This car, tagged as X-line series, is the company’s depiction for its Sports Activity vehicles.

The Engine Options
BMW X5: The Engine Options

BMW X5 is also a midsize SUV manufactured by BMW.X5’s first generation with code E53 was showcased in 1999.This was the first SUV that featured 4WD drive. It was obtainable with manual and automatic transmission.

From Concept To Reality
Buick Enclave: From Concept To Reality

Buick Enclave was launched for the first time in the year 2007 by General Motors as a 2008 model. 2008 Enclave was a full-size luxury CUV, and all the vehicles like Buick Enclave,Chevrolet Traverse, and GMC Acadia shared General Motor’s Lambda platform.

Not Just Your Father’s Car
Buick LaCrosse: Not Just Your Father’s Car

Buick’s largest luxury sedan, LaCrosse is developed by none other than the biggest American automaker GM. Introduced in the year 2004, it replaced Regal and Century in Northern part of America in 2005.

The Best Four-Dour Car For Buy
Buick Regal: The Best Four-Dour Car For Buy

Buick Regal was introduced by the legendary carmaker GM in the year 1973. Though the production of Regal in North America ended in 2004, Buick started selling it back in 2011. The company launched it again in 2011as upscale sports sedan.

Drive Like A Boss
Can-Am Spyder: Drive Like A Boss

The Can-Am Spyder, better known as the ‘Spyder’ is an ingenious three-wheeled motorbike that is a brain child of the Bombardier Recreational Products. This vehicle, much like the snowmobile, has two wheels in the front meant for steering and a single wheel at the rear. An ATV-like chassis is used in the Spyder.

Is It Worth The Buying?
Chery QQ: Is It Worth The Buying?

The Chery Manufacturers from China rolled out their first car in 2003 of codename S11). Their new supermini version named the Chery QQ6 was launched in 2006. It’s tough to figure out which Chery QQ one is referring to because all of the four models of Chery are named Chery QQ.

The Beginner’s Guide
Chery Tiggo: The Beginner’s Guide

Chery Automobile, the Chinese auto manufacturer rolled out its version of the compact crossover (CUV), the very suave Chery Tiggo in 2006. There are innumerable styling cues, which come very close to the other CUVs in design especially the Toyota RAV4.

Get Your Remarkable Driving Experience
Chevrolet Cobalt: Get Your Remarkable Driving Experience

Chevrolet Cobalt - the name has been in focus for over two generations of front-wheel cars, which were sold under the Chevrolet marque. And, it’s one of the most iconic Chevy creations just like the Corvette.

The Best Deal In The Compact Cars
Chevrolet Corvette: The Best Deal In The Compact Cars

The luxury division of General Motors, Chevrolet came out with the iconic sports car Corvette in 1953, and it was produced across seven generations. Harley Earl designed the first model, which was a convertible. It was displayed as a concept show car at the GM Motorama in year 1953.