Reviews of popular Cars and Bikes

Get the On A Lightweight Drive
Alfa Romeo 4C: Get the On A Lightweight Drive

The Alfa Romeo 4C, a lightweight and small rear trundle drive Coupe sports sedan that contains 2 seats. This sedan is identical in dimension to the Alfa Romeo MiTo. This car uses a rear and front crash box, carbon fiber tub and rear frame which is hybrid in nature, essentially out of aluminum metal for keeping its weight at 1,973 lbs (895 kilograms) and 2,194 lb (995 kilograms) in the USA.

Luxury Driving Has Never Been This Good
Aston Martin DB9: Luxury Driving Has Never Been This Good

Grand Tourer Aston Martin DB9 was first displayed at the Frankfurt auto-show in the year 2003. This model is available in both convertible and coupe, the SB9 was one of the successor version of DB7. This is considered to be the first model which was manufactured at Aston martin’s Gaydon facility.

Drive with Enough Flexibility
Aston Martin Vanquish: Drive with Enough Flexibility

The Aston Martin Vanquish, a grand Tourer introduced in the year of 2011. It serves as a descendant to the range of the ageing Virage. The 1st generation V12 Vanquish was revealed at the event at Geneva Motor Show in the year of 2011, projected by Ian Callum.

The Real Deal about The Engine
Audi S5: The Real Deal about The Engine

The Audi S5, a high performance alternative of the Audi’s A5. This sedan is also known as cariolet, five door fastback and coupe versions of the B8, a 4th generation Audi S4 estate and saloon models. Similar to all the ‘S’ cars from the Audi, these are only presented as normal with the Audi’s Quattro 4DW (four wheel drive) system.

Power and Performance In One
BMW 3 Series: Power and Performance In One

The BMW 3 Series is an elegant and best in class compact executive car. Manufactured by the German car maker it is popular model and has been quite active since May 1975. For last six generations it has been produced in five different body styles.

Change the Look Of Your Car Today
Cadillac CTS: Change the Look Of Your Car Today

CTS entered the medium-size luxury car segment in 2002, sporting a fully independent suspension and RWD sigma platform. Being developed by General Motors’ Cadillac division, it has been counted one amongst the best vehicles in top ten sports car segment.

The In-Depth Review
Cadillac SRX: The In-Depth Review

SRX, an exponentially superior and nimble crossover was developed by Cadillac division of General Motors in 2004. Produced by the famous American car manufacturer, it isn’t surprising to see why SRX has been named as bestselling car in US. The demand for this mid-size luxury car has been growing ever since 2010, as it introduced SRX in an all-new version.

The High Scoring Sedan
Chevrolet Impala: The High Scoring Sedan

The Chevrolet division introduced a full-sized automobile for the 1958 model year, which is known as Chevrolet Impala. It is named after an African antelope. When the full-size automobiles dominated the market, Chevrolet’s model became the bestselling vehicle, with Ford Galaxie 500 and Plymouth Fury in the opposition.

Down The Road with A Classic Car
Fiat 600: Down The Road with A Classic Car

Fiat 600 is a popular city car that was first produced by the company in the year 1955 and eventually discontinued in the year 1969. It measured 3.22 mm long and it was the first rear-engine vehicle.

Finding the Right Car Insurance
Fiat Cinquecento: Finding the Right Car Insurance

Fiat Cinquecento was launched in the year 1991 and this city car was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. Cinquecento was manufactured in Tychy FSM plant, Poland, and sold by Fiat. At that time, production of Polish variant of Polski Fiat 126p and Fiat 126 was under progress.

The User’s Review
Fiat Fiorino: The User’s Review

Fiat Fiorino is a light weight commercial vehicle manufactured in the year 1977 for the first time and was in existence till 2000. Later, the company re-started the production in the year 2007. The first and second generation vehicles were produced by Fiat in between 1977 and 2007.

Driving a Supermini Car
Fiat Grande Punto: Driving a Supermini Car

Fiat Grand Punto is manufactured by the Italian automaker. The Type 199 –Grand Punto is the 3rd generation of Punto. The car was unveiled on 5th May 2005 and joined Evo in 2009.

Get To Know the Mini MPV
Fiat Idea: Get To Know the Mini MPV

Fiat idea is a mini MPV produced for the first time in the year 2003. The car is completely based on the Project 188. This particular car was used originally for 2nd-generation Fiat Punto.