History of Mersedes-Benz

The oldest manufacturer of automobiles and creator of the first motor car had in the genesis of its history everything you need to transcend to eternity: visionary characters, opportunity, faithful partners, commitment, professionalism and, why not, a bit of luck. At Mercedes-Benz, in addition to its renowned characteristics such as quality and luxury, it guarantees it to be the pioneer in the automotive industry. It was founded in Germany in 1886 due to the separate working of Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz, who then gathered their knowledge by a happy coincidence. Then a car racer put the cherry with the name "Mercedes", which would be until today one of the most prominent and respected industry brands.

Beginning of Mercedes-Benz

Neither of them knew the other, but they were looking for the same thing at the same time: an internal combustion engine that replaces the heavy steam engines. It was at the last twenty years of the 19th century and Gottlieb Daimler, along with his faithful partner Wilhelm Maybach worked every inch in his workshop in the 13th issue of Gartenstrass in Bad Cannstatt, Stuttgart. After years of work finally built engine 900 revolutions per minute which weighed 70 pounds and decided to try it on a bicycle. Yes, the first car was a four-wheeled tricycle. Maybach had the honour of becoming the first motorcyclist and driver of history to test the vehicle in the garden of Daimler.

At the same time, 140 km from this place, Karl Benz worked on an identical project. When he presented his invention, this failed, sparking laughter from the audience. No one at that time knew that it was mocking the first sample of what Mercedes-Benz.

Interestingly, Daimler and Benz never met personally, but shared their knowledge and presented in society at the Auto Salon in Paris of 1889 the "Daimler", the first car of history. However Daimler could not enjoy the fruits of this achievement, as he died a year later.

Subsequent years of Mercedes-Benz

At this point enter the Austrian Emil Jellinek. This man was a racing fanatic and had great success competing with motorized tricycles. In the 1899 Daimler vehicles used in their competitions, but he did so under the pseudonym of "Mercedes" to not arouse suspicion of his talent. Mercedes was 10-year-old daughter.

Thanks to its expertise and success on the slopes, Jellinek was incorporated into the Council of Daimler engines until 1909, when he retired. However, on the basis of the group left the best gift: the Mercedes name.

Only in 1926, as a result of the European economic crisis of the 1970s, the two creative companies of Mercedes merged creating the company "Daimler-Benz AG".

The Mercedes logo

Iconic automotive, the logo of Mercedes (the three-pointed star surrounded by a circle) was registered as the official symbol in June 1909. Symbolizes the triple engines that Mercedes works: air, land and sea. That same year it was released in a radiator for Daimler vehicle. He had some variations in the following years, as Laurel or one tip, however since 1933 was estiliz? and was adopted as final logo.

Mercedes-Benz news

In 1998 the dream merger of Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler Corp., the first marriage was given a giant European with one of the most important companies in the automotive sector. He said at that then that it was a "union between equals" but time has shown that it is the German brand that carries the baton having its main office in Stuttgart.

Mercedes-Benz has sold in its long history more than 20 million vehicles and 10 million of them in the most demanding market sector: those who know cars, quality and luxury. Mercedes-Benz has the best engines diesel, anti-lock brakes, electronic program stability, ABC suspension, brake assist, brake control Sensotronic, among other advances, which have been pioneers in the industry.

The productive capacity of Mercedes-Benz has been in proportion to the growth of the company. In its early days was needed an average of 3.6 employees per year to build a vehicle. Today has been reduced to 0.1 persons.

Mercedes-Benz is the only manufacturer that provides insurance for the vehicle's lifetime. His greatest attributes has always been quality and exclusivity, qualities that won in their own right and who have penetrated into the hearts of lovers of the engines.

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