History of Cadillac

Cadillac, the brand synonymous with luxury, innovation, precision and elegance; if Cadillac builds it is sure to be a car sought and desired. It is curious that the car that reflects the style of the American carried a name of French origin (Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, a daredevil hero of the French army who later founded the city of Detroit) and its logo carries a real coat of arms, this is another of its special qualities. The history of Cadillac, as in other brands of cars, relates with other brands sometime in its history, in this case its beginnings, as the founder of Cadillac would have been partner of Henry Ford.


W Murphy and Henry Ford would have had differences by which Ford resigned from the company that bore his name; and Murphy decided to liquidate it, but Henry Leland, an innovative designer suggested that failure to do so rather that rearranges it. So under the name of Cadillac Automobile Co. The new company began to emerge with the Presidency of Leland.

Leland inherited the nascent company precision that acquired when working in a precision machinery parts up to a millionth of an inch, and is so in Cadillac are inspected until the pieces such as screws, nuts and washers. The first Cadillac was a cylindrical mono Celeron 1 with appropriate measures for the land with affordable prices. The reception of this model was such that became 2200 orders for the first exhibition and final demand spent 16 000 units. In 1914 is put up for sale the first Cadillac V8 with great success, then they left car engines more expensive as the V12 and V16 with less welcome but they assured their prestige in GM (which included in its hierarchy to Chevrolet, Poniac, Oldsmobile, etc) then began to focus on design rather than on innovations.

The V16 had 2 bodies of 8 cylinders on each side to 45°. Each had its own multiple, on, water pump and carburetor. They were not necessarily economic cars because they also spent, 36 liters per 100 Km. And a quart of oil every 200 miles. They were not engines which had too many practical advantages or account technical advances, which were obsolete in the short term.

One of the most amazing designs were cadillac Eldorado, the first car without Starter handle (used Delco system for starting and electrical installation) and a new system of transmission front, Eldorado became very famous for his huge body and the striking rear fins. Cadillac continued to innovate with the automatic gearboxes, electrical items, raised glasses and convertibles.

The company came to make 300,000 cars a year until the crisis in the American economy. For this reason shrank the size of luxury cars as well as their power due to emissions laws; some of their new reduced designs were failures such as the Cimarron and the Cadillac Allante, for what the company returned to theirs, large cars.

Successful models of Cadillac:

Versions that are now considered collection include the following Cadillac designs:

Bearritz: We describe above as "El dorado" was very popular from late 50s early 60s.

Calais: It wasn't one of the more expensive models and usually was the first model of the new owners of the brand.

Ville: Is the French expression for "Town Car". It defined the carriages emphasizing the social difference between master and chauffer. Used for the Cadillac Convertible, the staff sports Coup? de Ville, the popular sedan hard top and the spacious Sedan de Ville.

Eldorado: It recalls the legend of the American region of great riches, that never came to be discovered by the Spaniards. Cadillac reserved it for its most luxurious models, and they are considered for collection as 303 cars of this model is made.

Seville: then be used for the coup? series El dorado was later used for a small model.

Talisman: So 4 passengers from Fleetwood model was called in 1973.

Cadillac in the present

Cadillac brings with it a century of history, in which arose as a pioneer of many innovations in the world of automobiles, which helped him to maintain its leadership in this competitive industry.

The company is currently stable and with a lot of models on the market, GM, which acquired the brand from 1909 seeks that the most representative of North America brand is a global firm, we will be waiting for their new models to ATS and XTS achieve it.

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Cadillac Cars Reviews

Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade manufactured and engineered by the General Motors. It is a luxury and standard sport efficacy vehicle (SUV) and advertised beneath the Cadillac brand. This sport vehicle was one of the first main entries of the Cadillac brand into the famous SUV market.

Cadillac CTS

Cadillac CTS

CTS entered the medium-size luxury car segment in 2002, sporting a fully independent suspension and RWD sigma platform. Being developed by General Motors’ Cadillac division, it has been counted one amongst the best vehicles in top ten sports car segment.

Cadillac SRX

Cadillac SRX

SRX, an exponentially superior and nimble crossover was developed by Cadillac division of General Motors in 2004. Produced by the famous American car manufacturer, it isn’t surprising to see why SRX has been named as bestselling car in US. The demand for this mid-size luxury car has been growing ever since 2010, as it introduced SRX in an all-new version.

Technical characteristics of Cadillac Models

Name Year Power Fuel
1 Cadillac CTS 2003 258HP (190 kW) @ 6200 rpm 10.8 l/100km
2 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe 1974 212HP (156 kW) @ 3600 rpm 10.8 l/100km
3 Cadillac Allant? 1992 294HP (216 kW) @ 0 rpm 10.8 l/100km
4 Cadillac Eldorado Coup? 1975 193HP (142 kW) @ 3600 rpm n/a
5 Cadillac Seville 1978 172HP (127 kW) @ 4200 rpm n/a
6 Cadillac Aurora 1990 202HP (149 kW) @ 4400 rpm 10.8 l/100km
7 Cadillac CTS-V 2005 405HP (298 kW) @ 6000 rpm 10.8 l/100km
8 Cadillac Seville 1979 172HP (126 kW) @ 4200 rpm 10.8 l/100km
9 Cadillac Seville STS 1993 299HP (220 kW) @ 5600 rpm 10.8 l/100km
10 Cadillac Series 62 1955 233HP (171 kW) @ 4400 rpm 10.8 l/100km
11 Cadillac CTS-V Automatic 2008 557HP (410 kW) @ 6200 rpm 24.1 l/100km
12 Cadillac De Ville Sedan 1979 198HP (145 kW) @ 3800 rpm n/a
13 Cadillac XLR 2006 324HP (238 kW) @ 6400 rpm 24.1 l/100km
14 Cadillac Eldorado 1992 202HP (149 kW) @ 4100 rpm 10.8 l/100km
15 Cadillac Type 55 Convertible 1917 n/a n/a