Full List of BMW cars Reviews

BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series: Power and Performance In One

The BMW 3 Series is an elegant and best in class compact executive car. Manufactured by the German car maker it is popular model and has been quite active since May 1975. For last six generations it has been produced in five different body styles.

BMW 1 Series

BMW 1 Series: The Ideal Engines Behind

BMW 1 Series is one of the best small family cars in the market, which has been dominating the segment since 2004. So far, it has been produced in 4 different body styles, and it is the successor to BMW compact edition.

BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series: Power and Performance In One

BMW 3 Series is an executive car manufactured by the German automaker that was manufactured for the first time in the year 1975. The 3 series has been released in 5 different body styles to date. It is the best-selling model in BMW’s lineup, and it has won several awards in its history.

BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series: The Audio Information

BMW 5-Series was manufactured for the first time in the year 1972 and now it is into its 6th generation of production. The car was retailed in touring and sedan body styles. It is the 2nd bestselling car after 3 series.

BMW 320

BMW 320: The Engine Options

BMW 320 was a saloon manufactured way long back in the year 1937. It had replaced the BMW 329 based on the 319. And, all these models are a part of BMW 3 series line-up, which is one of the top-selling range of the German automotive giant.

BMW 2002

BMW 2002: Get Ready For A Compact Car

The BMW New Class series lineup included coupes and compact sedans produced by the automaker since the year 1962. New Class was revealed in the year 1950 after establishing an identity of BMW as sports sedans, and it included models powered by ...

BMW 1602

BMW 1602: The Technical Specifications

The BMW 1602 was expanded into 02 series- 2002 and 1600. With suspension and power-train details of the actual 4-door design, the 02 series has gained the attention of auto enthusiasts.

BMW 2000CS and 2000C

BMW 2000CS and 2000C:

Based on this particular New Class platform, the 2000CS and 2000C models were introduced with 2.0 Liter power-train. The next generation E9 coup?s,and legendary 3.0CSL are completely based on the stretched chassis of 2000CS.

BMW i3

BMW i3: Understanding The Concept

BMW i3 was previously known as Mega City Vehicle, a five door sedan developed by the German automotive giant. It was a part of "Project i" and later launched as new BMW i. The new i3 is the company’s 1st zero emissions mass-produced vehicle just because of its electric power-train and BMW has been at its best in launching a vehicle featuring carbon-fiber reinforced plastic in order to improve energy consumption.


BMW M1: A Powerhouse Release

BMW M1 – E26 was manufactured in the year 1978 and continued to be in existence till 1981. In late 70s, Lamborghini had made an agreement with BMW to produce more racing cars for homologation. Later on, conflicts arose and that prompted BMW to manufacture racing cars on its own.


BMW Z3: The Audio Upgrades

BMW Z3 is the 1st modern mass-market roadster from the automaker and it was the first car from the company to get assembled in the US. BMW manufactured Z3 and Z specifically for German customers.


BMW Z8: The Top Selling BMW Version

BMW Z8 is a classic roadster that was produced in the year 1999 and later discontinued in the year 2003. The car was given the codename E52, and much like the Z1, it was short-lived.


BMW M3: Getting To Know More About The Quality

The BMW M3 is a sky-scraping version of the BMW 3-Series. BMW M, which is the in-house motorsport division of BMW, develops this. The M3 models have been resultant of the E series.


BMW X1: The Luxury Compact Crossover

This SUV is built by BMW and also manufactured by the same as well as BMW Brilliance. It is marketed all over the world in mostly two configurations (sDrive and xDrive configurations). It is performance associated and shares platform with earlier generations 3 series.


BMW X3: A Dream Car

The German BMW automaker promoted BMW X3- crossover since 2003. This car supports on the BMW 3 base and is running in the second generation. This car, tagged as X-line series, is the company’s depiction for its Sports Activity vehicles.


BMW X5: The Engine Options

BMW X5 is also a midsize SUV manufactured by BMW.X5’s first generation with code E53 was showcased in 1999.This was the first SUV that featured 4WD drive. It was obtainable with manual and automatic transmission.

BMW i8

BMW i8: The Concept Information

The BMW i8, initially announced as the Vision Efficient Dynamics concept of the BMW. This car is a plug-in hybrid beneath BMW development. The first turbo diesel idea sedan was revealed in the event of the Frankfurt Motor Show in the year of 2009 and the BMW i8 ...


BMW X6: What You Should Expect

The German automaker BMW released X6 as mid-size luxury crossover for sale in 2nd quarter of 2008 for the 2009 model year. The X6 has been projected as the Sports Activity Coupe. It has the attributes of a SUV and the stance and elegance of a coupe.


BMW M5: Diesel Engine Marvel

The vehicle designed to provide high performance; BMW M5 is basically an executive car which has been built by BMW motorsport division. The model was first produced in the year 1985 when it was built by using chassis 535i as well as M1 engine that was known to be fastest production worldwide at that time.


BMW Z4: Benefits and Drawbacks

BMW Z4 is a great sports car from the German automobile manufacturers BMW, which was started in 1916. It is a successor car to BMW Z3. It is a convertible which carries elements of its predecessor car models like BMW 507, BMW Z8.


BMW M6: How To Maintain

The BMW motorsport division designed the coupe/convertible 6 series BMW M6 with high-performance version. The production of BMW M6 took place from 1983 to 1989 then from 2005 to 2010 and from 2012 till date.