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It is the car manufacturer more ancient of Korea, the first producer in this country automotive market and fifth in the world. Founded in 1944, its name is a combination of "ki" meaning "the towers" and the letter "a" which comes from "Asia".


The original name of the company was to have Dong-hwan, which started in 1954, South Korea. For 1966, the company started exporting buses to Brunei, the following year its place of export would be Viet Nam.


Saab It is a car manufacturer who was born in Link?ping, Sweden, in 1937. He was founded as a company of motoring and aviation under the name Svenska Aeroplan AB, where AB means (limited company in Swedish), so the resulting acronym was Saab.


Volvo, formally call Volvo Personvagnar AB although popularly known as Volvo Cars, is a company manufacturer of automobiles in Sweden. It has its headquarters in Gothenburg.


Cadillac, the brand synonymous with luxury, innovation, precision and elegance; if Cadillac builds it is sure to be a car sought and desired. It is curious that the car that reflects the style of the American carried a name of French origin and its logo carries a real coat of arms, this is another of its special qualities.


Chrysler is a U.S. brand of automobiles; one of the most traditional of North America. It is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan State. It currently belongs to the Group Chrysler Group LLC, which also manages the flagship Jeep and Dodge brands.


Dodge is an American car manufacturer currently owned by Chrysler Group LLC. Its history goes back to the early years of the last century, when its founders, the brothers John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge, started in the business of automotive parts production.


Jeep is a recognized and even legendary brand vehicles off-road, which currently belongs to the Group of Chrysler Group LLC. Under the slogan "Go Anywhere, Do Anything" that we could be translated as 'Go where you want, do anything', their cars are related in the world with concepts such as adventure, freedom and capacity.