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Since the first car was introduced in our life, we can notice that many changes happened round us. As modern transport, it not only brings convenience in our everyday life, but also increases efficiency.

One of advantages of use of cars is that it can give to users more conveniences in comparison with other transport, for example, a bicycle or by bus. As to me, I like to go to a supermarket of times a week and, as a rule, I buy many products for once. Whether you can present, what I need to get home many food and, probably, to go in the overflowed bus, to arrive home? As it is inconvenient! Let's assume that I have a car, and then I will feel very easily because everything that I need to make, it to put all my things in a car luggage carrier.

On the other hand, cars can keep ours time and energy. Conducting the car, we can go, where we want. We can reach the destination quicker, than on other vehicles. We can use saved time to admire landscapes and not to do anything. Eventually, time means for modern people much. It means money for businessmen, knowledge for school students and profit for the companies. By reduction of expenses of time by means of cars, we can increase efficiency of our society.

Certainly, I should recognize that cars to bring many problems, such as jams and air pollution. But it cannot be avoided in society process. I consider that we will have a solution of all these problems soon.

Generally speaking, I would like to tell that cars improved modern life by ensuring bigger comfort for people and efficiency increase. We should encourage society for support of automotive industry and develop different types of cars for satisfaction of various requirements. Let's plunge in the world of cars and learm many new useful information about world of CARS!!!